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Eat at a Locals | Vila Nova de Milfontes

Meet our Hosts | Pedro and Sokhony: food from the Alentejo, made with love, at Vila Nova de Milfontes

Born and raised in Ferreira do Alentejo, in the Alentejo region, in the South of Portugal, but with a large part of his adult life spent in Oporto, Pedro Lebre is passionate about travelling and about the typical food from his home-region, which he cooks with plenty of love.

His passion for cooking came early on, when while still a small boy he would try to occupy his free time, along with his brother, by experimenting in the kitchen. His mother, a local shop owner, would come home late every day, which made him have to prepare his own snacks until dinner time. The proud mother, although having secretly longed for a baby girl her whole life, would always say that her two boys did perfectly well by themselves and that they didn’t need any woman in the kitchen to feed them.

Throughout the years, Pedro developed his skills and love for cooking, which turned him into a real home Chef and now allows him to offer incredibly delicious dishes, cooked to perfection, such as Asparagus “Migas”, Seafood “Açorda”, “Lagareiro” Octopus and the traditional “Cataplana”, which were brought to the table during the Eat at a Local’s visit to his home, in Vila Nova de Milfontes, a beautiful little town, located by the Ocean in the Vicentine Coast, in the Alentejo.

When asked  about his favourite Portuguese dishes to cook, the answer is immediate: seafood and cataplana. Next to him, his wife Sokhony, born in Cambodia, whom he met during the trip of his life through Southeast Asia 2 years before, enthusiastically says that she usually doesn’t enjoy the Cataplanas served in the local restaurants, but that she cannot resist Pedro’s Cataplana when he cooks it at home. The two of them admit that, nowadays, it’s hard for them to go out to eat, knowing that they can cook the same dishes as good or even better at home. Sokhony has meanwhile learned how to perfectly cook some of the best Portuguese dishes, having Pedro as a teacher.

Eat at a Locals | Vila Nova de Milfontes
Marcos, Sokhony e Pedro | Vila Nova de Milfontes

When he heard about Eat at a Local’s, Pedro and Sokhony knew this would be the ideal platform for them. They frequently host friends for lunch or dinner at home, so the idea of also welcoming Guests from all over the world, particularly considering their love for travelling and the multicultural atmosphere of their own home, sounded absolutely natural. Food is for them, an essential part of the relationship between people.

To visitors to Vila Nova de Milfontes, the town known as the “Alentejo’s Princess”, Pedro and Sokhony recommend a mandatory visit to the region’s gorgeous beaches, that stretch all the way from Porto Covo a little bit to the South, some kayaking or stand-up paddle boarding along the Mira River, with its incredibly blue waters that run into the Atlantic Ocean, as well as a visit to the local market and fairs. Trekking along the Vicentine Route, a pedestrian trail that runs through the Vicentine coast, is one of the other activities not to be missed by nature lovers.

To their future guests, coming through Eat at a Local’s, Pedro and Sokhony make promises of memorable meals, made with plenty of love and passion, and many stories about travelling and life.

Keep an eye out for Pedro and Sokhony’s experiences at the Eat at a Local’s website and don’t miss the opportunity to have an authentic food experience in one of Portugal’s most beautiful areas!

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