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Meet our Hosts | Nuno and Brunna: experiences for every taste, in the Algarve

At Eat at a Local’s we make sure that everyone feels included, even those who have dietary restrictions which limit the type of food they can eat. And our list of Hosts and experiences has this in mind.

One of the experiences recently held by Hosts Nuno and Brunna, from Carvoeiro, in the Algarve, is a perfect example of this. Nuno, with a daughter with celiac disease since birth, an autoimmune condition that affects the intestine and causes a high sensitivity to gluten (present in foods containing barley, rye, wheat and oat flour), has become a specialist in cooking meals adapted to this particular dietary restriction.

Nuno e Brunna - Eat at a Local's

On April 20 they hosted their first official experience with a guest from Belgium. When she informed them of her celiac condition, Nuno and Brunna quickly adapted the menu to fit her dietary restrictions. The guest was welcomed with open arms, on a very sunny day, with a menu entirely made from local produce: for starters gluten-free bread toasts with avocado and mackerel and a delicious carrot soup with ginger and apple, for main course roasted chicken accompanied by rice and vegetables and for dessert, oranges from Silves topped with yogurt with lemon zest and mint.

There are frequent gatherings of friends and friends of friends around their table at their home in Carvoeiro. Their open personality, passion for cooking and curiosity about how other people live their lives and see the world, were some of the key factors that led them to express interest and register as Local Hosts at Eat at a Local’s.

Besides their obvious passion for meeting new people, this couple also makes a point of sharing their passion for the Algarve, where they have been living for more than 19 years. After the wonderful lunch in their outdoor patio, that lasted for several hours, Nuno and Brunna took their Guest to visit the Algar Seco and the Boneca Cave, two extraordinary rock formations of great beauty, located in Carvoeiro, a few meters from their house.

To their future Guests, the couple guarantees a very warm welcome just as if they were old friends and asks them to bring an appetite and total openness to share stories and experiences. Their goal is to make them go back home with the certainty of a well spent time, new friends, unforgettable memories and perhaps saying “we must do this again with a different menu“.

Keep an eye out for the experiences created at Eat at a Local’s by this charming couple. Regardless of the announced menu, they will be more than happy to adapt it to your particular dietary restrictions.

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