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Eat at a Locals / Eat at a Local's

Ideas for Authentic Gastronomic Experiences at Eat at a Local’s

To have direct contact with the local culture, traditions and gastronomy is something any visitor aims for when visiting new places. There is a search for the destination’s most authentic side, and the interaction with the locals is, without a doubt, the best way to get to know a country and understand its essence.

As an embassador for the Portuguese culture and gastronomy, Eat at a Local’s is the ideal platform for promoting sharing moments amongst locals and tourists. This is where local hosts have the possibility to offer unique experiences, centered around the Portuguese traditional food, to visitors from all over the world.

There are several types of experiences that you may offer as an Eat at a Local’s host. Below you’ll find a few suggestions that will help you to create your first local gastronomic experience and start and incredible adventure, filled with unique moments and new friendships!

Traditional Lunch

Eat at a Locals / Eat at a Local's

Welcome your guests for a traditional Portuguese lunch, in a relaxed and lively atmosphere. Why not have your friends and family join the experience as well? They would love it and so would your guests, which would be envolved in a real and authentic Portuguese social moment!


Eat at a Local's

Why not organize a brunch as a local experience? Create mini-portions of your favourite dishes and serve them in a tasting style to your guests. It’s a good opportunity to give wings to your talents as a pastry chef and to be creative!


Eat at a Local's

Do you have a garden or exterior area in your house that you’re proud of? As the warmer days approach, consider the possibility of organizing a cocktail at sunset, with a selection of Portuguese wines and tapas. Put on a smooth background music or ask a friend to play live. It will be a huge success!

Petiscada / Tapas

Eat at a Locals / Eat at a Local's

Gathering friends around a table filled with traditional tapas is something typically Portuguese. Surprise your guests with delicious moelas (chicken gizzards), pica-pau, seafood, cooked snails and eggs with farinheira, for example. We are certain that they will leave with a satisfied stomach and soul!

Traditional Dinner

Eat at a Local's

Get inspired and create a menu out of your favourite Portuguese dishes. Start with a small entrée or soup, followed by the main dish which can either be a traditional Portuguese recipe or an adapted version (be creative!). Don’t forget dessert and maybe an after-dinner drink to end the experience.

Useful tips for successful experiences at Eat at a Local’s:

  • Be sure to present an organized and clean space
  • Welcome guests as old friends
  • Share stories and try to get to know your guests
  • Consider putting on some background music to create an atmosphere
  • If it’s one of your guests’ birthday, why not surprise him with a birthday cake and sing Happy Birthday in Portuguese?
  • Add extra activities to your experiences! Why not add a cooking workshop before the meal starts, some live music or take your guests shopping in the local market?

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