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How to successfully create your experience at Eat at a Local’s

The first step is to create the menu. You’ll have to think about the dishes you want to offer your Guests: the starters, the main course and the dessert. It’s important that they reflect the true flavours of the typical Portuguese gastronomy. Get inspiration on the food you used to eat as a child, made by your mother or grandmother, be creative if you feel like it, giving a modern twist to kitchen classics, and offer your guests a menu you’re sure will bring sparkle to their eyes and indulge their taste buds.

Next you’ll have to create your experience at the Eat at a Local’s platform, so that you can promote it to our community of Guests from all over the world! To maximize your success we give you several suggestions that will help you to successfully create your experience.


Tips to create an experience at Eat at a Local’s


Choose the language

We suggest you always use English as the preferred language so that you can reach Guests that don’t speak your native language. You may also chose to write in two languages: english and portuguese.

Eat at a Locals

Create an appealing title

Be creative when writing the title for your Eat at a Local’s experience. Don’t forget that, along with the featured image, this is the first element that the potential Guest will notice on the platform. Titles such as “Delicious traditional Alentejo meal in Lisbon / Delicioso jantar tradicional Alentejano em Lisboa” is much more appealing than “Traditional dinner” or “Bacalhau com broa”. Keep the title short but invest on adjectives!


Choose the best images

When adding images to your experience, choose the best ones you can. Along with the title, this is the element that attracts the most the attention of the potential Guest. Choose colourful images, with an appealing and delicious look. If they open up your appetite, it’s certain that they’ll open up your potential Guests appetite as well! In addition to images of the dishes, also add at least a picture of you or you and your family, and of the room where you’re planning to host the Guests. Pay attention also to the size of the images: they should be less than 2mb and, if possible, they should be horizontal.

Eat at a Locals

Create the description for your experience

Explain to your Guests what awaits them by booking your experience at Eat at a Local’s: describe the atmosphere at your home, the menu and what will make this a memorable moment. You dont’ need to write too much but try to focus on the main points, in a friendly and appealing way.


Set the price per person for your experience

Consider the cost value of the meal and add the amount you think the experience is worth. What you’re offering is way beyond a simple meal, you’re offering an opportunity of socialization to visitors that are looking to know more about Portugal, our culture and tradition, by mingling with locals in a more authentic and personal atmosphere.

Eat at a Locals

Set the date and time of the experience

You can set one specific date for the experience or several different dates. When setting the starting time, don’t forget to also set the finishing time, so that your Guests have an idea of when to say goodbye to you.


Share your experience

Share the experience created at Eat at a Local’s through your social media and ask your friends to share them as well! The further they reach, the better it will be for you since you’ll be increasing your chance of bookings.

Don’t forget to create as many experiences as you wish. The more you create, in different dates, the highest the probability of finding Guests. Enjoy your experiences!

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